Chekrs: The new preface of career counseling

Chandra Shekhar Joshi
08.03.18 04:15 AM Comment(s)

Chekrs: The new preface of career counseling

“When in doubt just Google it” is on the go nowadays. The par use of online information has gone so far that even nanny’s tips on nurturing baby have been replaced by online guides. It shouldn’t be astounding if a kid knows more than you after all, child is the father of man. The agility of younger generations is already breaking records. After all, internet is the real teacher for all such curious minds.

One the contrary, despite various changes in education system, the custom of selecting subject has remained unchanged. The tradition of ‘pondering’ over 5Ws while taking subjects in 11th class is yet not solved by counselors. “Distant vision is probably something everyone preaches but not all are able to deliver. If the journey of a student is taken, his visions are rarely navigated well. The complete information of schooling, college and job hunt might be well explained extensively, but there is no one to provide all information at a place.”

Jitendra Dhaka find its reminiscences while choosing B.Tech (to choose or not) that too which stream and why. Among dwindling thoughts in subconscious mind the seed of Chekrs was germinated back that time only. is named so because it strives to be one stop for student to check and clear every query. 

Bringing up Connection:

The information available on different forums is scattered. To outbound the students from personal connections and review them detailed statistics of industry substantial trails were done. To make the project live Jitendra Dhaka moved on to form a team which now has Nikesh Upadhyay and Rajesh Sharma who has hands on collecting relevant information and producing in understandable manner.

In 2016, the project was finally launched and student could land to a platform which can show deviated options at a place. “With the initial struggle of starting from zero to aligning data and hailing users was not easy. Now it is surprising to see the traffic coming over the portal for relieving their queries” says Rajesh.  

In a glimpse to his perspective, “The usage of Chekrs is targeted to all age groups. If a student is landing to the portal, far beyond then counseling for subjects and colleges he is able to make wiser decisions by evaluating available jobs for the particular stream.”

 “The classified section is just to give a lead and build trust but the major focus is to defog the opportunities lined up for every student”, explains team member Anupama. She adds, “Working on the project has given insight for a lot of opportunities, I was not aware about. It gives strange contentment while counseling any student now and making them aware about various dimensions”.

Breaking the Waves:

Ultimately it is the student refining into a professional coming from diverse education. Chekrs is one such real time counselor helping out the kid to equip his career layered by the decisions tailored upon his skills, interest & performance.

“There is a huge gap to be filled for every student and bringing all at the same platform. Every thread of information should be weaved for selection by all in the concerning group. For the same different ideas are pitched, strategies and their execution is carried out month-on-months”, team members added.

To eliminate internet surfing and utilizing maximum time the portal has come up with different tools to improve the performance. Once the student has landed on the portal he is privileged to take up notification of major events, access its study material and evaluating the performance.

Beyond notifying the user with their upcoming exams and co related activities, they will have papers, books, reference material and free mock tests to analyze and know what more has to be done. Jobs are ultimately the result everyone is looking for, thus provide detailed structure of multiple options available for higher studies at entrance to enrich better future which many are lacking. 

Future Prospects of Team:

Chekrs team claims that whatever has been done so far is the basic framework. Within the shortest period from its inception we are already becoming trust mark for thousands of seekers, growing each day.

It all started with use of few thousands only and the revenue generate through the portal is invested to flourish new features to it. Chekrs currently is a team of managers, editors and marketing professionals who possess the capability to turn out results.  

The team at Chekrs is of few but self driven members pitching innovative ideas. “Other than the retailers, E commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart are doing a great job to provide books at discounted rates but we are aiming to cut that cost too. Coming from the generation when one textbook could be utilized by all in the family and friends until the syllabus changed, I feel needs to be followed now as well. We are working on the blueprint for the same. Soon we will introduce one source to book which can be utilized by multiple students at a time”, says Jitendra Dhaka.

Chekrs is taking steps to be the “on the go” reliable resource for every seeker who wants to get authentic information. “Currently every other student faces challenges or pressure while making their career. Soon the rate will be reduced by more than 50% which will be the success rate of Chekrs. More is less for us and using every possible programming one day Chekrs will a super success that it will be recommended” concludes Jitendra Dhaka.